Police Lieutenant General Vicente D Danao Jr., Officer-in-Charge of the Philippine National Police has designated Police Lieutenant General Manuel M Abu as PNP The Chief of Directorial Staff (TCDS), the 4th highest post in the PNP Command Group.

As Chief of Directorial Staff, Abu will supervise the operations of the ten PNP Directorial Staff in managing different staff functions of personnel management, intelligence, operations, logistics, plans, training and doctrine, research and development, police community relations, and investigation.

Compared to the corporate structure, the Chief PNP is equivalent to the President and CEO; the TDCA and TDCO as COO and CFO, while the TCDS is the General Manager, Danao explained.

ABU is a member of the illustrious PMA “Makatao” Class of 1989.

His last assignment prior to his appointment as Chief of Directorial Staff was PNP Area Commander for Eastern Mindanao. He also served as the PNP Regional Director for Bangsamoro Autonomous Region.