Upon instructions of President Rodrigo R Duterte, the PNP has made significant headway in efforts to locate and arrest members of the Magpali Group operating in the Ilocos-Pangasinan region.

PNP Chief, Police General Guillermo Lorenzo T Eleazar said the alleged leader of the group, dismissed Police Lt Col Wilson Magpali has surfaced, after feeling the pressure of police manhunt operations by PNP tracker teams assigned to find him and his alleged members.

Accompanied by private counsel, Magpali voluntarily appeared before the office of PNP Intelligence Group on Monday and executed an affidavit attesting that he voluntarily submitted himself to the PNP “to clear my name, seek redress and protection from possible harm against me.”

“Fearing for my life and to clear my name, honor and integrity and to clear myself from the investigation being conducted against my person, I voluntarily went to the Intelligence Group in Camp Crame, Quezon City to clear my name of the allegations of my alleged involvement,” Magpali said in his affidavit.

He maintained that “I am not the leader of the Magpali Gun for Hire Group and has no knowledge on the accusation of planned killing of politicians in La Union.”

He further expressed willingness to cooperate with authorities and requested PNP-IG for temporary custody to undergo investigation.

Citing reports from Acting IG Director, Police Colonel Neil Alinsangan, PGen Eleazar said Magpali left his rented apartment unit in Barangay, Legazpi, Tayug, Pangasinan in 2019 after he was implicated in the killing of a certain Freddie Ramirez.

PGen Eleazar instructed IG to coordinate closely with CIDG in conducting operational research and case-build-up efforts against Magpali and his group who were allegedly involved in several cases of assassination in the Ilocos-Region.

We respect his rights as a private individual. Until there is an order from the Court to arrest him, he remains a free man, Eleazar said.

We acknowledge his manifestation of good faith in submitting himself to us, but, the moment we establish a case against him, he will have face his charges squarely, he added.