The Philippine National Police through the joint efforts of the Directorate for Logistics and PNP NHQ Disposal Committee, launched the very first symbolic demilitarization of assorted Beyond Economical Repair (BER) Firearms today, April 26, 2021 at the PNP Grandstand, Transformation Oval, Camp BGen Rafael T Crame, Quezon City.
PNP Chief, Police General Debold M Sinas witnessed the Ceremonial Demilitarization of 6,338 units BER Confiscated, Captured, Surrendered and Deposited-Turned PNP Property Firearms (CCSDAF-TPPF) and 1,033 units BER PNP Firearms prior to its eventual disposal.
Under the PNP Memorandum Circular No. 2017-017, Demilitarization of BER firearms which means "Destruction" of firearms, explosives and ammunition is an allowable method of disposal which may be resulted if PNP Property is already unsaleable and it may pose hazard to the public if not destroyed.
"This ceremonial disposal of defective firearms and ammunition demonstrates a clear method of proper procedure in destruction of unserviceable firearms, and discarded ordnance in order to avoid occurrence of any untoward incident that may place someone else’s life in danger or at high risk", PNP Chief Sinas said.
PNP Chief Sinas said, this procedure manifests the professional responsibility of the PNP to ensure that these weapons and instruments of violence will not fall into the wrong hands and find its way into the arsenal of criminal and terrorist groups.
The Demilitarization Process involved cutting individual steel pieces into sections using circular saw or blowtorch, bending and deform each piece, deforming hammer and trigger assembly using blowtorch, grinder or power tools, and cutting or chopping wooden parts and stamp aluminum parts.
The cut-up metal pieces are disposed off as recyclable scrap materials, and may be forged or fabricated into farming tools and industrial equipment, according to PNP Director for Logistics, Police Major General Angelito Casimiro.
The activity was also attended by Ms. Aubrey L. Rico, Audit Team Leader, Commission on Audit PNP National Headquarters, Police Major General Angelito A Casimiro, The Director for Logistics, Police Major General Alfred S Corpus, The Director for Operations, Police Major General Rolando J Hinanay, Director, Civil Security Group and Police Brigadier General Mario A Reyes, Director, Logistics Support Service.
"Let us continue to maintain the over-all logistical readiness with appropriate planning, programming, coordination and supervision of all logistical resources to include the assessment and regular monitoring of our Move, Shoot, Investigate and Communicate capability", PNP Chief Sinas added.