He explained, the CALABARZON area is a strategic covert entry point for firearms and explosives for transport and positioning to Metro Manila. Based on gathered intelligence reports, loose firearms are present in several locations and in turn were the subject for search warrants.

Upon further investigation based on the reports of citizens and former members of the CPP-NPA, it was found out that part of the communist terrorist movement's open mass organization leaders' role as white area operators of the CPP-NPA is to stockpile arms and provide covert forward operating bases for NPA operation in the urban areas.

The place specified in the search warrant was voluntarily identified by former rebels and operatives of the CPP-NPA operating in Southern Tagalog. According to the revelations of the witness for the application of the search warrant who had direct and personal knowledge as to the CPP-NPA's plans and operations being a former SPARU and member, the said place is a known arms and logistics depot of the CPP-NPA in Southern Tagalog. It was also identified as "NPA Quarantine Area" for those who are using the forward post for communications and liaison works of CPP-NPA, an active underground house for Laguna and Batangas operations, the Chief PNP said, citing reports from CIDG Director, Police Major General Albert Ignatius Ferro.

The former rebel witness disclosed that the subject location was the place where underground personalities of CPP-NPA Southern Tagalog Region arrested during the conduct of Simultaneous Anti-Crime and Law Enforcement Operations (SACLEO) last March 7, 2021, converged in the aforesaid area sometime on the last week of February 2021. Based on said disclosure, it appears that the individuals from the operation conducted last March 7, 2021 and the current area are all inter-connected to a grand Regional and National Design of coordinated CPP-NPA armed offensive projections in the entire Southern Luzon area, as evidenced by the recent NPA ambush against the PNP in Labo, Camarines Norte which claimed the lives of 5 PNP personnel, Ferro said.