THE Philippine National Police has initiated active reforms to streamline the process of death benefit claims of orphaned families of deceased policemen.
The move is in response to the instructions of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte to Philippine National Police to immediately put a stop requiring surviving spouse or kin of deceased PNP personnel to physically process claims and benefits at the PNP headquarters in Camp Crame.
Police Lieutenant General Guillermo Lorenzo T Eleazar, OIC Chief PNP said that the PNP already observes the provisions of PNP MC 2017-075 published on Dec 26, 2017 through the PNP Retirement and Benefits Administration Service (PRBS) to lessen the burden of the beneficiaries of posthumously retired/separated PNP member in the processing of claims and to ensure the expeditious release of their benefits.
As such, the Chief of Office and Unit Commander of a deceased PNP member is mandated to designate a "Survivor Officer", tasked to assist the bereaved family or beneficiary in securing the documents required in the processing and timely release of death benefit claims.
The Survivor Officers are also tasked to regularly liaise with the bereaved family and update them on the status of the processing of the benefits due to them.
"With this development there is no need for the surviving spouse or any of the beneficiary to personally appear and process their claims at the NHQ as the concerned Units, thru the Survivor Officers, are primarily responsible in the collection and submission of all pertinent requirements for the filing, processing and subsequent crediting of their death benefit claims directly to the ATM of the Surviving Spouse and/or their beneficiary", Eleazar announced.