In consultation with our Chief, PNP, Police General Debold M Sinas, I have approved the adoption of a modified work arrangement that include Work From Home, for our Non-Uniformed Personnel assigned at the NHQ at Camp Crame as an alternative work arrangement amid the upsurge of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in the National Capital Region.
All heads of offices at NHQ were already directed to start conducting assessment on how to implement this modified work arrangement without compromising their respective offices’ administrative works and outputs.
In as much as we wanted to extend the same work arrangement for our uniformed personnel, the nature of our job makes it difficult to implement the same because aside from our regular law enforcement duties, we are also engaged in other functions that include the enforcement of the quarantine protocols such as the recent implementation of the uniform curfew hours in Metro Manila.
However, there is already an ongoing assessment on alternative work arrangement for our uniformed personnel. In addition, the same assessment is being conducted to come up with recommendations on whether there is a need to continue the existing face-to-face classes or to shift to the conduct of virtual or online classes for the mandatory schooling and training of our personnel.
But I would like to clarify that these new measures will only be for our personnel assigned to the NHQ. Our regional offices, particularly the National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO), are given the discretion, through their respective Administrative Support for COVID-19 Task Forces (ASCOTF), to decide on whether or not they would implement the same.
Likewise, we are now also crafting a guideline to modify command activities at NHQ that would introduce a combination of physical and virtual attendance in such activities. In this way, the risk of infection among our personnel will be lessened since it will further reduce the number of people attending those activities.
Since the main intention is to reduce the number of people going inside Camp Crame as a preventive measure against COVID-19 infection, I would like to reiterate the instruction to the units concerned to limit the visits in offices and quartering units at NHQ to work related or in the exercise of official functions only.
We are also awaiting for the recommendations on whether or not to continue, suspend, modify and/or limit the number of clients availing of frontline services at NHQ such as securing police clearance, renewing permits and other transactions.
While we will be conducting live streaming of activities and press briefings for our friends in the media, we are also giving them the option to cover but subject to the rules and regulations that include strict observation of the minimum health safety protocol.
The threat of coronavirus infection remains high and this was validated by the rise of COVID-19 cases in the country as reported by the Department of Health.
Based on our data the past days, we also noticed an upsurge of cases among our personnel. In this regard and after consultation with out Chief PNP, we are now identifying buildings and other facilities inside the NHQ that would be used as an additional quarantine facilities for our personnel.
Initially, the Chief PNP identified the whole Kiangan Building that includes the Provident Funds and the PPSLAI areas, as additional quarantine facilities for our personnel.
I would like to also reiterate the instruction to all our personnel not only at NHQ but also to other police camps, stations and offices to strictly observe the minimum health safety protocol, particularly on the wearing of face mask and face shield even inside their work places at all times.
In order to ensure compliance, we will conduct random and surprise red teaming operations nationwide.