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The PNP has chosen to highlight four (4) Perspectives considered to bringabout the principal outcome in the process of realizing its vision by 2030.Within each of these four perspectives are the strategic priorities the PNP seeks to give a lot of importance to, as it go about the strategic tasks related to "becoming a highly capable, effective and credible police service."Stakeholder's support is highlighted as an important intervening factor in all of the four perspectives.

The PNP vision statement reflects its 'bold audacious goal' which it commits to achieve within a given timeframe. The PNP Vision stated that: "Imploring the aid of the almighty, by 2030, we shall be a highly capable, effective and credible police service,working in partnership with a responsive community towards the attainment of a safer place to live, work, and do business".

This is the vision that the PNP is committed to realize by the year 2030. This is how the PNP envisions itself becomingeighteen (18) years from now and ideally perhaps with God's grace, even before then.

In setting its goal of becoming a "highly capable, effective and credible police service," the PNP also identifies the main pathway it shall travel in order to achieve it. Indeed, it proposes to be "working in partnership with a responsive community", both at the national and local levels. Only with such a partnership, which needs to be operational and fully functioning, would it be able to help in the "attainment of a safer place to live, work, and do business". The PNP sees itself in need of reaching out and engaging the local and national communities so that a working partnership can be forged in attaining a "safer" environment.Without such partnership, the PNP cannot go very far towards realizing its vision.

The PNP vision is fully aligned with its mission, which has been shaped by the enactment of the following three (3) "Republic Acts" or laws: Republic Act (RA) No 6975, as amended by RA No. 8551, and as further amended by RA No. 9708. They gave a clear mandate to the PNPto "enforce the law, prevent and control crimes, maintain peace and order, and ensure public safety & internal security with the active support of the community."

The PNP mission, lofty and noble but demanding and difficult, can be pursued only by an organization firmly grounded on core values and a clear philosophy. That philosophy is framed by "service, honor and justice"; and the PNPCore Values which are: "makadiyos, makabayan, makatao, and makakalikasan". These philosophy and core values provide a solid anchor for the PNP as it develops and strengthens itself as an organization, and which can keep it safely and soundly grounded as it goes through the vicissitudes of pursuing its mission in trying to realize its vision by 2030.

The PNP has decided to put at the very top of its strategy map a one-line summary of its vision which is: "highly capable, effective and credible police service by 2030".

Also at the top of the PNP strategy map is the major outcome the PNP intends to bring about by realizing its vision by 2030, which is: "a safer place to live, work and do business". The PNP does not only refer to places where people live and work,it also underscores the business and economic dimensions.For the bottom-line, the PNP want our country to be a safe place where everyone who wishes to invest could carry out economic activities and do business in a safe and conducive environment.