The Directorate for Information and Communications Technology Management (DICTM) envisions a digitally transformed PNP with an integrated, secured, and reliable ICT Systems and infostructures that supports an effective and credible police service by 2030.


The DICTM shall assist the Chief, PNP in the:

  1. formulation, implementation, supervision and review of policies, plans and programs for the effective and efficient management of ICT systems and infostructure that are integrated, secured, and reliable;
  2. conduct of ICT research, development and standardization;
  3. design and development of ICT capacity building programs; and
  4. coordination with other government, non-government and foreign organizations on ICT matters.



     The Directorate for Information and Communications Technology Management (DICTM) shall be guided by the following core values:







ICT Plans and Programs Division (PPD)

  1. Sets policy agenda on Information and Communication technology (ICT) management and development;
  2. Formulate, review and supervise the implementation of programs and projects in consonance with the PNP ICT Master Plan, the Information Systems Strategic Plan (ISSP), and existing ICT policies;
  3. Prepares annual ICT development plan for the PNP;
  4. Develop, update and recommend necessary schemes for the alignment of tactical and strategic plans;
  5. Develop and update PNP CSSP and integrate the same to the PNP ISSP;
  6. Formulate, implement and review policies and guidelines on ICT Security;
  7. Coordinate with other government, non-government and foreign organizations on ICT matters;
  8. Review and update existing ICT policies and guidelines of the PNP;
  9. Supervise the ITMS and CES in implementing ICT projects; and
  10. Perform other tasks as directed by TDICTM.

Systems Management and Infostructure Division (SMID)

  1. Formulate and supervise the implementation of policies on systems management;
  2. Act as Secretariat of the Information System Review and Evaluation Board (ISREB);
  3. Formulate, evaluate and review the plans and programs on ICT and electronic devices standardization to facilitate systems integration, and supervise its implementation;
  4. Formulate and review policies on the delineation of functions of IT and CT development projects and monitor/evaluate its implementation;
  5. Provide project management and technical assistance on major ICT initiatives in the PNP;
  6. Formulate and evaluate the implementation of plans and programs for telecommunications and electronics projects and activities, and initiate necessary revision of updating;
  7. Manage the radio frequency spectrum allocated to the PNP;
  8. Formulate, supervise and evaluate the implementation of research-related projects and activities in support to the formulation, review and updates of the PNP Information Systems Strategic Plan (ISSP) and PNP Communications Systems Strategic Plan (CSSP);
  9. Research and recommend to DRD technical specifications of ICT systems, devices, equipment, and other related tools that will be used in the PNP Organization to ensure effectiveness, inter-operability and sustainability; and
  10. Perform other tasks as directed by TDICTM.

Research and Capability Development Division (RCDD)

  1. Collaborate with the Research and Development (R&D) offices of leading ICT companies on latest trends;
  2. Formulate and evaluate the implementation of the ICT-related enhancement courses of the PNP;
  3. Coordinate with the Research Section on ICT trends and updates applicable to the PNP to revise and supplement education and training programs on ICT;
  4. Formulate programs to develop the level of knowledge or proficiency of personnel as regards to the grants by some authorities, such as professionals, societies and universities, or by private certificate-granting agencies;
  5. Develop and revise education, training methods, procedures, and standards to complement and adapt to continuing changes of technological demand of the organization;
  6. Provide ICT consultation services (including evaluation of IT and CT Hardware requirements) in programs and/or projects to be developed or managed by other PNP offices/units;
  7. Conduct research on latest ICT products and services relative to the review, updating and crafting of technical specifications;
  8. Manage and supervise the ICT Innovation Laboratory (InnoLab) which shall serve as research and development hub for proposed ICT innovations for the PNP; and
  9. Perform other tasks as directed by TDICTM.

Data Privacy Division (DPD)

  1. Administer the implementation of Data Privacy Act of 2012, and monitor and ensure compliance of the PNP with standards set forth by the National Privacy Commission (NPC) for personal data protection;
  2. Facilitate and update the appointment and registration of Data Protection Officer (DPO) and Compliance to Privacy Officer (CPO) of the PNP;
  3. Facilitate the registration of Data Processing Systems (DPS) to the NPC;
  4. Facilitate the conduct of Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) for every registered DPS;
  5. Formulate a Privacy Management Program (PMP) for the PNP;
  6. Administer and review the crafting of Privacy Manual and other data privacy- related policies of every unit processing personal data;
  7. Oversee the implementation of Privacy and Data Protection Measures;
  8. Administer the conduct of regular breach-reporting exercises;
  9. Prepare reports for DPO on data privacy breaches in the PNP to be submitted to NPC; and
  10. Performs other tasks as directed by TDICTM.

Cybersecurity Management Division (CMD)

  1. Formulate, evaluate, review and supervise the implementation of cybersecurity policies and standards for the safety and security of ICT resources of the PNP;
  2. Formulate policies and standards for the establishment of Cybersecurity Emergency Response Team (CERT) in case of cybersecurity threats and incidents in the PNP;
  3. Issue relevant and up-to-date cybersecurity threat and mitigation advisories;
  4. Collaborate with other government and non-government agencies, and foreign organizations on cybersecurity matters;
  5. Provide assistance to other PNP units in the crafting, review and revision of their respective Risk Management and Disaster Recovery Plan and Business Continuity Plan (DRP/BCP);
  6. Formulate, review and recommend necessary amendment or revision on policies on the conduct of vulnerability and penetration tests on all existing and new systems of the PNP; and
  7. Perform other tasks as directed by TDICTM.




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