Monday, July 25, 2016
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Subpoena and Court Duties Monitoring System


A web based Information System that aims to deliver Judicial Court issued Subpoenas the fastest means and the PNP shall be able to monitor the compliance of each and make necessary feedback to the different courts concerned. Likewise a system of archiving the different pertinent documents regarding the system.

The Philippine National Police units are receiving various types of subpoena from the different Judicial Courts periodically and sometimes the subpoena do not reach the concerned PNP personnel resulting to the postponement or cancellation of Court proceedings. Monitoring the compliance and action taken by the PNP regarding specific subpoenas is also a major concern of the Judicial Courts and the PNP. Thus the report of compliance of PNP personnel to attend Court Duties is not submitted on time and seems to be inaccurate.

It is high time that the Court and the PNP should develop a system to deliver the subpoena via fastest means and the PNP shall be able to monitor the compliance of each and make necessary feedback to the different courts concerned. Likewise, archiving the different pertinent documents relative the system.


  1. Cost-effective delivery of subpoenas and other court documents to the PNP units;
  2. Monitoring of actions taken by personnel relative to subpoenas;
  3. Feedback mechanism of the PNP to proper courts concerned;
  4. Provide analysis of various reports pertaining to compliance, postponement of hearings, non attendance of court duties and other relative matters pertaining to court proceedings to be attended by PNP personnel; and
  5. Archiving of relative documents and their retrieval.


The Judicial Courts shall send the various subpoenas to particular PNP units though an EMAIL and Chief of Police concerned shall assure that said documents are delivered and received by concerned personnel on time. The crime registrar of the investigator concerned in a particular case shall encode details of the subpoena and shall likewise encode data needed for its compliance in the court duties monitoring system. DIDM shall monitor and analyze all reports needed and prepare necessary reports to  the Judicial Courts. Any violations monitored shall be investigated base on the existing administrative rules and regulation of the PNP.


The PNP shall establish a Private Email System (existing http:/ which shall receive the documents. The PNP shall expand its Private email System down to the Provincial and Municipal and city Police stations and provide them with a unique and permanent email address.


The PNP thru DICTM and commissioned programmers shall develop a Web Base Court Duties Monitoring System linked to each particular case in the present Crime Reporting Information System (CRIS) of DIDM. The crime registrar with the officer on case shall encode necessary data and information needed in the system. Reports shall be customized according to the needs of the users (PNP and Courts). 

 DIDM shall be the Database Administrator while ITMS shall be the systems Administrator for the project.

ITMSshall likewise provide training to would be user and provide documentations and user manual of the project. DIDIM will provide the operations manual or LOI for users of the project. DICTM shall be the OPR and supervisor for the development of the project.

Screen Shots of the Information System


Project Contact Persons (for inquiries)

Acting Chief, Information Technology Division
Directorate for Investigation and Detective Management
Trunk Line: (02) 723-0401 Local 3479

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