Sunday, July 24, 2016
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•   The PNP Strategic Focus, encapsulated under Chief, PNP Police Director General Alan LM Purisima`s strategic focus  "CODE-P 2013 and Beyond", intrinsically embraces all the basic elements for change which includes, among others the research, review and inventory of the existing PNP uniforms. 

•   Results of a survey conducted by the PNP Directorate for Research and Development (DRD) relative to the PNP existing uniforms called for an immediate response.

 •  The re-designed or proposed new PNP uniform must be…

  •   dignified and suitable for everyday police work

  •   Adaptable to extreme changes in climate




•   PNP had Copwalk 1 – a live prototype PNP uniform presentation -  on July 4, 2013 at the PNP Multi Purpose   Center, Camp Crame, Quezon City, with the theme: “Dynamic and Distinct Uniform Towards Excellent, Truthful and Consistent Service”.
•   From among the designs submitted by those who participated were students from fashion-designers’ schools, professional fashion designers, manufacturers and suppliers. Five designs each for male and female were chosen as the Top Designs based on suitability and practicality, adaptability to all types of body built and workmanship.



On the redesigning of the PNP uniform, the following were undertaken:

Review of Related Literatures and Studies, both local and foreign, through the internet:


•Current PNP GOA has been in use for almost 17 years
•100% polyester (Most tropical countries use a mixture of polyester and cotton for the fabric of there police uniforms. )


•Based on statistics, majority of the police organizations in Asia are using the blue color.
•17 or 39% are using dark blue or midnight blue
•9 or 20% are using the lighter shades of blue

  On a Global Perspective -

•76 or 39% of 194 countries worldwide wear dark blue

•43 or 22% use the lighter shades of blue

  (Internationally accepted color for police organizations: midnight blue)


•Appropriately fitted to the male and female body structure/shape,

  comfortable, flexible and functional.


Conduct of Consultation and Acceptability Survey, the reason- 

•To further gather quantitative data through questionnaires, interviews and the use of social networking to get a consensus from the PNP uniformed personnel regarding  the re-designing and development of the new PNP uniform.

•Negative and positive reactions were derived, but majority of the respondents preferred for a change of fabric and modification of the GOA to make it for a more suitable and functional.





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