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The Laguna Provincial Police Office clarified the alleged video post in Facebook (Santa Rosa Forum dated November 2, 2015) that shows a police officer from Sta. Rosa Police Station using a cellphone while a citizen is complaining.

Upon the initial investigation of Laguna PPO headed by PSupt Reynaldo M Maclang, Chief of Police, and the sworn statement of complainant which is a minor, show that the allegation on the video posted on Facebook is not true.

Based on the story of PO1 Mark Ferdinand Dela Cruz Casibang and the complainant, on or about 2:30 PM of November 2, 2015, upon entering the Barangay Hall of Balibago he requested to re-charge his cellphone. He saw the complainant and suspect having altercation to each other with the certain Sedfrey Ivan Vallejo Gabayan (Facebook Uploader) in the presence of Barangay Investigator, Eligio Caravana Dela Cruz while waiting the WCPD Investigator Almira M. Lasera to conduct of formal investigation.

Also, the said complainant was having discussion with the barangay officials asking to help her and not with the police officer.

According to PSupt Maclang, “The case is for Barangay level and the police officer inside the Barangay Hall has no jurisdiction to that case unless otherwise it will be turned over formally to the police station”.

Nevertheless, PSupt Maclang took immediate action of relieving PO1 Casibang from his post, put him restricted and into custody to the Office of the Chief of Police while conducting an in depth investigation of the allegation while the complainant and the alleged suspect was invited to the police station for their formal complaints. (PNP-PIO)