The Philippine National Police has acquired Php 1.6 billion worth of police equipment to boost its operational, intelligence, and administrative functions.

PNP Chief, Director General Oscar D Albayalde personally witnessed the blessing of the 11,931 newly-procured police equipment today, June 21, Thursday at the National Capital Region Police Office Grandstand, Camp Bagong Diwa in Taguig City.

Deputy Director General Archie Francisco Gamboa, the chairman of the NHQ Bids and Awards Committee led the presentation of the newly-acquired police equipment amounting Php 1,618,455,384 to the PNP Chief and the Head of the Procuring Entity (HOPE).

"The Philippine National Police is deeply grateful to our President Rodrigo Roa Duterte, who always there to support us leading to the unprecedented improvement and capability enhancement of the police force. This is also a vital move for the organization to accomplish our mission and functions," Albayalde said.

He added that the procurement aligns with the realization of the Modernization Program of the PNP.

NHQ Bids and Awards Committee noted the PNP has hoisted 98.81% absorptive capacity in its procurement of various police equipment, and most of the procured equipment are part of the Php 6.4 billion release for Fiscal Year 2017.

Police stations nationwide will receive 387 units of Patrol Jeep (4x2), 59 units of Marked Light Transport Vehicle, and 6,440 units of Undershirt Vest Level IIIA.

PNP Special Action Force and Mobile Forces will acquire 320 7.62mm Light Machine Gun units, 231 units of 5.56mm Light Machine Gun, 313 Basic Assault Rifles, 160 Base radios, and 3,666 units of NATO magazines.

In addition, Maritime Group, Regional Mobile Forces, and SAF will obtain 138 units of inflatable rubber boat.

Meanwhile, 176 units of Unmarked Light Transport Vehicle and 41 units of Unmarked Brand New Van will be earmarked to PNP administrative, intelligence, and investigation units and offices across the country.

The PNP Chief emphasized that the newly-acquired police equipment will steer and enhance operational readiness and personal protection during police operations in the flagship campaign of the national government against terrorism, illegal drugs, and criminality. (PNP-PIO)